Welcome to Peha Promotions!

Need to add pizzazz to an existing event?

Wondering how to gain awareness and grow sales for your product?

Struggling with finding the right sponsors, vendors or attendees for your event?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need Peha Promotions, a Seattle-based marketing and event management company specializing in wine, culinary and lifestyle brands. We have produced literally hundreds of events from the smallest media tasting to festivals of thousands.

Event production and execution is the relatively simple part (although it takes superior organization skills, a strong back, comfy shoes and a well-oiled team with a can-do attitude– all of which we can provide!).  Helping you strategize the best way to achieve your goals through idea generation, brainstorming, and problem solving combined with creating partnerships and connecting you with the right people – sponsors, vendors and audiences – is where we excel.

We can help you target the groups most important to your business; strategize where to spend your dollars for maximum impact; and decide how best to promote your event and pack the house.

For the latest food and wine news and the inside scoop on some of the Northwest’s hottest events, artisan products and tastemakers, tune in and listen to Jamie on Table Talk Radio, follow her on Twitter, or sign up to be on the Big P party list!

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